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Lawn Control Center has been serving Cleveland, OH and the surrounding area with high quality lawn care for decades. Whether you recently moved into a new house and you are looking for a professional lawn fertilizer company or you have called Cleveland your home your entire life and you want your lawn to look green, lush and full, you can rely on our services.

Cleveland Facts
Cleveland, Ohio is located in Cuyahoga County right on the shores of Lake Erie. Cleveland is the second largest city in Ohio with a population of approximately 388,000 residents. The metropolitan area of Cleveland spreading beyond the city limits has a population of well over two million. Cleveland is approximately 60 miles from the Pennsylvania border and 40 miles north of Akron. Businesses are headquartered within the city and the amenities in Cleveland and the metropolitan area are making it an increasingly attractive place to call home.

Cleveland History
The founding of Cleveland dates back to the late 18th century with the naming of the city after a man named Moses Cleaveland. He helped establish what is the modern day area of downtown and then had left to go back to Connecticut where he, and the company he worked for, was from. He never returned to Ohio. The first settler in Cleveland put his home up along the Cuyahoga River. Soon after, in 1814, the Village of Cleveland was established and, within two decades started to show its true potential. After the construction of the Ohio and Erie Canal, Cleveland had a link to the Great Lakes which connected all the way to the Atlantic Ocean.

The ability to ship as well as use the railroad system made the economic growth of Cleveland soar. Iron ore and coal were frequently being shipped and John D. Rockefeller founded Standard Oil in Cleveland; although he moved it eastward to New York in 1885.

Cleveland continued to grow and prosper thanks to its manufacturing and, by 1920, it was the 5th largest city in the country. Post World War II saw Cleveland face hard times but by the end of the century and continuing into the 21st century, progressive agendas and infrastructure improvements have helped Cleveland maintain a solid recovery.

Cleveland Sports
With highly competitive sports teams located in Cleveland, it is much more enticing to check out an Indians or Cavs game than to figure out the best way to fertilize the lawn. When you have Lawn Control Center providing lawn care for your Cleveland home, you will be able to spend your weekends watching the Cleveland Cavaliers work his way to a new title or the Indians climb to the top of the Central Division.

Cleveland’s main sports teams are:
     • MLB’s Cleveland Indians
     • NFL’s Cleveland Browns
     • NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers

Things to Do in Cleveland
Aside from sports, there is plenty to see and do in Cleveland and the surrounding area. One of the biggest attractions to the city is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This amazing complex situated on the shores of Lake Erie was opened in 1996. Since its establishment, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has welcomed over 10 million visitors. They put on many public programs to help tell the story of rock and roll including:
     • Concerts
     • Interviews
     • Lectures
     • Film screenings

For live music, there are lots of local options from small clubs in the city to bigger venues such as:
     • The House of Blues
     • Hard Rock Rocksino
     • The Cleveland Orchestra
     • Quicken Loans Arena

Just 60 miles to the west is Cedar Point which is the second oldest amusement park in the country and easily the best way to spend a day. There are 71 rides including 16 roller coasters with more being updated and added every few years.

With so much activity going on from sporting events to concerts to many exhibits at the musuems, you will not want to waste anytime aerating, fertilizing or weeding your lawn. Leave it to the professionals at Lawn Control Center.

Nature in Cleveland
From aquariums to gardens to parks, Cleveland boasts plenty for those looking to explore nature, animals and plants.
     • Cleveland Botanical Gardens – Walk through acres of outdoor gardens or check out the two climate-controlled glasshouses. One is dedicated to the desert          plants of Madagascar while the other is dedicated to the rainforests of Costa Rica.

     • Cleveland Metroparks Zoo – Discover more than 3,000 animals spread across 183 acres. One of the largest Primate collections is housed here and the                beautifully crafted carousel is a must-ride for the youngsters.

     • Cleveland Metroparks – From beaches to waterfalls, the Metroparks is an 18-park collection for folks looking to do everything from taking a leisurely stroll to        throwing a company barbeque to playing in the waters of Lake Erie. Eight of the parks nestle up to lakes.

     • Cuyahoga Valley National Park & Railroad – Experience 140+ miles of trails, 33,000 acres of wooded area or enjoy a scenic ride on the railroad.

Choosing Lawn Control Center
The weather varies in Cleveland and the surrounding area so make sure you have a lawn care company that knows how to provide the highest level of service to ensure your grass stays healthy and green. Our hassle free program will allow the minor details to be managed without any fuss so you can have the pristine lawn you deserve.

For lawn care, lawn aeration and weed control in Cleveland OH and the surrounding area, give Lawn Control Center a call today.