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Why do folks choose Lawn Control Center for their lawn care in Eastlake, OH? We offer a comprehensive lawn fertilizer program as well as lawn aeration service and perimeter pest control to ensure you have the beautiful green lawn you deserve and an insect-free home to keep you comfortable year-round. Our hassle free program means that you can rely on us to keep your lawn healthy through every season of the year regardless of the temperature and the precipitation.
Our services include:
     • Lawn care
     • Lawn aeration service
     • Lime treatment
     • Weed control
     • Insect and disease management
     • Perimeter pest control

If you are looking in search engines for lawn service near me and you want a lawn fertilizer company with a proven track record, Lawn Control Care is the choice for you. All new customers receive a 10% discount on their service to help introduce you to our incredible lawn care services.

The Lawn Control Center Difference
One of the ways we at Lawn Control Center differentiate ourselves from other lawn care companies is our commitment to taking care of a problem when we see it. It is not uncommon for our technician to take a curative response when we see an issue like grubs eating their way through parts of your lawn. Most lawn care companies might take a blanket approach to grub control but we have found that this just places more unnecessary chemicals on your lawn than needed to take care of the problem.

The lawn technicians at Lawn Control Center know that there is no cookie cutter approach to lawn care and they are trained to manage all types of weeds, diseases and insects that can wreak havoc on grass.

Some of the more prevalent insects in Ohio known to cause lawn damage include:
     • Chinch bugs
     • Grubs
     • Japanese beetles

Lawn Care
There are three key ingredients that help a lawn maintain its luster and health:
     • Nitrogen
     • Potassium
     • Phosphorus

These natural ingredients help keep a lawn looking good and using the right lawn fertilizer which promotes these elements will go far in maintaining the beauty of your grass. By using properly timed lawn fertilizer such as dry release granular fertilizer, we can help you keep a green lawn better than the other lawn fertilizer companies serving East Lake, Ohio and the surrounding areas.

Choosing Lawn Control Center
We have decades of experience. Ever since establishing lawn care in Eastlake, OH back in 1999, we have been providing a hassle free approach to lawn care. We have worked with the corporate lawn fertilizer companies but the level of service we can offer as Lawn Control Center allows us to work with the customer to keep lawns lush and green.

Lawn Control Care is certified by the Department of Agriculture and we continue our education every year to ensure we are up to date on the latest best practices and learning about new methods to provide the best level of lawn care. Every lawn care representative in each of our offices is trained the same way so we can provide a uniform and high quality type of lawn care service.

Whether you have a residential property or commercial property, if you are searching for lawn service near me, we are here for you. Put your trust in Lawn Control Center.